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Red Wine Breather Carafe

Red Wine Breather Carafe

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Red Wine Breather Carafe Breather

It has to be just about the cleverest way to decant and aerate your wine! Just attach the Carafe to the top of your wine bottle and invert it—as the wine flows down into the carafe, it is aerated to enhance its flavour and bouquet. You can either serve your wine as it is in the Carafe, or you can transfer it back into its original bottle…so it will taste amazing and your guests won’t know the difference! You can also use the carafe to store your wine if you don’t drink it all in the one sitting.


* 100% Brand New & High Quality
* 1000ml Carafe handmade from glass, with a stainless steel and silicone stopper.
* Stopper attaches to the carafe and your bottle of wine – invert the wine bottle over the carafe to decant and aerate wine, and then invert once more to return the wine to the bottle.
* Wine is aerated to enhance its flavour and bouquet, and ready to serve in five minutes! 
* Bottle neck is drip free, and features a sealing cap that lets you store remaining wine in the carafe to drink later. 
* Hand wash recommended for stopper, decanter is dishwasher safe. 


* Material: Glass & Silicone
* Decanter Size: 25 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm
* Weight: 600g+

Package Contents

* 1 x Wine Decanter

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