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Rainbow Glass Set

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1. Put summer beauty on your wine glass.
The dreamy pearl luster circulates in the cup, like a psychedelic summer beach, accompanied by the intoxicating sea breeze, served with a glass of white sweet sparkling wine, uncovering the enthusiasm of summer, and enjoying the mild mood in the meantime.

2. Thin layer of iridescent craftsmanship and dreamy luster.
The thin-layer iridescent craft is very popular in glass art. Its colors are gorgeous but delicate and soft, dreamy but not gorgeous. The glass still presents transparent characteristics and will not affect the texture of the wine in the glass.

3. Teardrop shaped cup body is round and handy.
The teardrop-shaped cup body has a romantic atmosphere, mellow and handy.

4. The crystal clear restores the true color of the wine.
The glass is made of lead-free crystal glass, the wall is thin and light, and the refraction is stronger. It exudes the charm of wine under the light and shadow.